Be a Better Leader is Online

Over nearly a 3 decade career I have had the opportunity to be in leadership positions and have learned many techniques (sometimes the hard way).  The purpose of this new Blog is to write about these experiences and the learnings in the hopes the readers can shortcut some of the trial and error I experienced. 

In addition to maintaining a leadership role in my current company I have also started providing leadership training as a volunteer internationally. 

The topic of the first blog is to discuss briefly why you should be interested in leadership training.  I contend that everyone past the age of 18 will engage in at least a minimal amount of opportunities to express leadership.  Additionally, even if you are not a “leader” now understanding principles and human behavior will greatly help you in life as a team member and more quickly recognize what your leaders are trying to do.

Aligning with your leaders is the best possible way to be successful and move up the ladder in your organization.

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