So what is Michael Scott’s (from the Office) Social Style?

You can’t hand everyone you meet a Social Style’s test.  So, for those you have to work with how do you figure it out?  For someone you know well or have observed often it isn’t that hard to answer yes/no to each of the characteristics and roll up the score.

So for Michael

Analytical (Michael’s Score = 1 out of 7):

  • Likes organization and structure (no)
  • Dislikes involvement (no)
  • Asks specific questions (no)
  • Prefers objective, task-oriented, intellectual  (no)
  • Wants to be right, so collects much data (no)
  • Works slowly, precisely, and alone (no)
  • Seeks security and self-actualization (yes)

Driver (Michael’s Score = 3 out of 7):

  • Decisive in action and decision making (no)
  • Likes control; dislikes inaction (no)
  • Prefers maximum freedom to manage self and
    others (yes)
  • Cool, independent, and competitive with others (yes)
  • Low tolerance for feelings, attitudes, and advice of
    others (no)
  • Works quickly and impressively alone (no)
  • Seeks esteem and self-actualization (yes)
  • Has good administrative skills (no)

Amiable (Michael’s Score = 6 of 7):

  • Slow in making decisions or taking actions (yes)
  • Likes close, personal relationships (yes)
  • Dislikes interpersonal conflict (yes)
  • Supports and actively listens to others (yes)
  • Weak in goal setting and self-direction (yes)
  • Seeks security and identification with a group (yes)
  • Has good counseling and listening skills (no)

Expressive (Michael’s Score = 8 of 8):

  • Spontaneous actions and decisions (yes)
  • Likes involvement (yes)
  • Exaggerates and generalizes (yes)
  • Tends to dream and get others caught up in those
    dreams (yes)
  • Jumps from one activity to another (yes)
  • Works quickly and excitedly with others (yes)
  • Seeks esteem and group identification (yes)
  • Has good persuasive skills (yes)

So, in Michael’s case he is an Amiable Expressive. He has two dominate traits and two highly suppressed traits. The best possible way to create a connection with Michael is through recognition and security.  The flip side of this is the worst way to relate to Michael is through data/facts and task completion/goals.  You can see the conflict with his boss Jan when she presses these points with him.  Most people aren’t as “pegged” as Michael is and that’s why he is so easy to analyze; however, it is good practice to try and diagnose the people you work with the most – especially your boss and subordinates.

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